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Technology Solutions For Every Business

WIFI Range Extender For Business

After subscribing to our service, we’ll send you a Riglobe Enterprise Grade Access Point and get it set up less than five. If you need cabling services, we can help as we provide end to end solution for enterprise. One-time log-in access gives your customers WIFI access each time they visit. Seamless connectivity.

WIFI Marketing & Loyalty Solution

Customize your own brand experience, Your own business logo, color scheme and special promotions.

Welcome your guests or customers with an attractive customizable splash page such as uploading your logo, choose your color scheme and even post special promotions or offers to engage your customers directly.

Cloud Point Of Sales System

Access to your cloud pos anytime, anywhere

Cloud-based Point System allows management to set up products, inventory, reports, staff accounts, real-time hourly, weekly, and monthly sales easily from anyway anytime with just a mobile phone. With our 24/7 support, for every customer is our mission. Enabling the possibility of Cloud POS Technology.

Photography and Production

High-Quality Photography and Production for every business.

Riglobe’s photography and productions produce high-quality photos and videos for every business. And what’s more, we don’t charge a royalty or license fees for using all the photos or video. Unlimited access for every business at affordable costing.

Cloud Digital Screen For Business

Upload and change your content anywhere anytime.

Instant publish of your content to your screen anytime anywhere. 

Easy to use a cloud-based solution and publish your new menu or content to your screen in less than 10 seconds. Riglobe also provides enterprise-grade digital screens with free installation and setup. 

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development for every business

We create brands with a unique and eye-catching design for website design and development. We build an interesting website to bring in traffic for any brands that work with us.

Advertising Network (Digital & Non-Digital Out Of Home)

Media Advertising Network For Every Business Industry

Creating branding awareness for advertisers to grow through our Smart Advertising Technology

Riglobe Media is formed to serve advertisers around the world with direct outreach engagement with great results. We help advertisers put their ideas out there.

Riglobe Media sells Digital out-of-home media space to advertisers & media agencies, using the most effective media platform to reach out to locals instantly.

Riglobe Media reaches 5 million people every month across Singapore through our Smart WIFI Sponsered Ads and Digital Screen Display.

We believe in investment (in quality, not quantity), to provide our well-trained, cross-functional media-conversant team with tools to measure audiences and systems to generate environmental data that benefit our advertisers using our in-house developed cloud technology with the instant publishing of content.